I’ll assume you’ve already read the ‘About Us’ section so I won’t go into further detail of my background. This is an investor site and it is mainly focused on the natural resource industry. Josh and I aim help large and small scale projects in mining, renewable resources, farming, timber and much more achieve the results they set out for themselves. However, the point of this blog is not to talk about the business we are already advertising on our site.

I am interested in sharing my experiences and intriguing others to an industry that has always fascinated me. That is why, in this forum, I’ll share my past experiences, advice that has stuck with me along the way and an opinion or two. By writing in this blog I hope to shine a light on the small group of people who are changing the way mining is viewed by the public. I’m talking about the men and women who wake up early and go home late to provide the literal building blocks for civilization. Mining is not an easy industry with constantly changing policies, high level of scrutiny from the public eye and a low level of understanding of what it is we do. However, despite all these challenges, there are people who constantly strive to improve the way business is done.

As I am writing about the human side of mining I am reminded of all the help I’ve received over the years. As a professional, I constantly sought out (and continue to seek out) advice to propel my career. In the time that I’ve been in the industry, I found a handful of people who were willing to share with me the factors that led to their success. By paraphrasing their advice I hope to provide insight to the humanity of mining and provide a guide to navigating a profession that has little middle ground between new comers and seasoned veterans.

Of course, it’s impossible to be an engineer partnered with a geologist and not write some technical information down as we uncover it. For instance, one of these days we will detail out how Josh was able to create his own freeware that can de-survey boreholes using the framework from various sources. We will also talk about the mines we are working on (pending confidentiality), our experiences at those mines, mining in space and really anything else we find entertaining.

Lastly, as this section of our website evolves we ask everyone for their feedback. What do you want to hear from us? What interests you? The best wisdom I have ever received came from the Regional Vice President of a large gold mining company when he said “This industry is all about people. You can’t do anything on your own.” That may seem like common sense but when you replay that over and over again you start to realize that it’s more than just a business. Everything we do is a group of people working towards a collective goal. The fastest way to move forward in an industry that, at times, feels stagnant is to work together and stop reinventing the wheel.
Thank you for taking the time to read through my thoughts.

Until next time,

James Frost